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3M Prestige Window Films Video - Save Energy!

Watch this brief video to learn about the benefits of 3M Window Films. Save energy and reduce fading of your draperies and furnishings by blocking harmful UV rays while improving the appearance of your home or office.

3M Ultra Prestige - Fox 26 Hurricane Briefing

Featured on Fox 26 News Hurricane Briefing. Live demonstration of 3M Safety & Security films ability to withstand hurricane damage. Protect your home and office from flying glass and debris!

3M Bomb Blast Video. Impossible?!?

This video demonstrates the amazing capabilities of 3M's safety and security films. Watch as 3M Window Film withstands a huge explosion and keeps the glass intact. An absolute must for Government buildings or any application where security is a concern.

3M Window Films Safety & Security Video

Looking for a quick overview video on all 3M films? This is the one to watch. Find out more about 3M Commercial, Residential and Safety & Security window films. Protect your investment! Save energy, reduce glare and reduce fading of your homes interior.

Bomb Blast Video Without 3M Safety Film

Here's the 3M Bomb Blast video that demonstrates how even tempered glass responds when being hit by the shock wave from a near by explosion. Just one example of why 3M has been chosen by the US Government to secure federal facilities.

Actual Attempted Break In Video - Security Footage

Watch this actual attempted break in video to see how 3M window films can protect your home or office against break in and burglary.

Why Our Services?

Automotive Window Films

There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be 3M Prestige Window Film Dealers. 

3M Prestige Dealer

3M Prestige dealers are selected because of their ability to offer superior quality work, extensive product knowledge, and their ability to serve their customers to the highest standards.

Residential Window Films

The quality of our residential & commercial window films is confirmed by an ISO 9002 certification and the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.